Police station in Goa inaugurated with belly dance

Panaji, Nov 14 (Inditop.com) The entire Goa Police top brass was treated to a belly dance performed by a scantily clad Russian dance troupe at a newly inaugurated police station in the state.

The belly dance was held at a function to celebrate the inauguration of the new premises of the Anjuna police station, 15 km from Panaji, late Thursday evening.

Officials at the Anjuna police station said that the dance had to be called off after the crowd comprising of police officials and civilians got unruly, and tried to climb onto the stage on which the belly dancers were performing.

“The belly dancers came as soon as the home minister left the premises after the inauguration. All the senior police officials including the inspector general of police and senior superintendents of police were present,” an official at the Anjuna police station said, adding that the show was conducted by a Delhi-based organiser of exotic dances called Yogi.

When contacted, Inspector General of Police (IGP) K.D. Singh said: “Yogi had approached us after which he was given permission. What is the harm? The place where the event was held was the police station premises and it was open to the public.”

The inspector general of police said the media was simply “raking up the issue”.

“When there are naked people on the beach, going against our culture, it is not highlighted. But a dance event in the police station premises is taken wrongly…this should not be done,” Singh said.

In another incident, late Thursday night four superintendents of police, two deputy superintendents and an inspector partying on board offshore casino vessel MV Casino Royale created a stir, after they locked themselves up in a bar room to avoid a media contingent who were invited on board for a press conference.

The senior officials stayed cooped up inside ‘Aqua’, the bar on board the casino vessel, until the media vacated the premises.