Police-society cooperation must to curb crimes against women

New Delhi, Jan 7 (IANS) Crimes against women can be stopped only with the full participation and cooperation of police and community members, an NGO said Tuesday.

“Any government department and police can never end the violence. They need the help of community members in this process. Without the help of community members, wiping out crime against women is simply impossible”, said Rajendra Daghwal of the Navjyoti Development Society, during the launch of the “Awaz Uthao” campaign, an initiative of the women and child development department.
Hundreds of people took part in the event where women participants were sensitised through street plays, songs and slogans.
Daghwal said it is only when women come forward and take the initiative to fight crimes against them that such crimes can be curbed.
The participants were told about toll free phone numbers 100, 181 and 1090 which they could call during any emergency situation.