PETA welcomes Central Zoo Authority ban on tuskers in zoos

New Delhi, Nov 16 ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Monday announced an award for the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) for its ban on keeping elephants in zoos and circuses.

“By banning the use of elephants in zoos and circuses, the Central Zoo Authority has established itself as a world leader in elephant protection and has gone a long way towards ensuring that this magnificent animal will be allowed to lead a more natural and peaceful life,” said PETA India Founder Ingrid E. Newkirk.

Newkirk will present the award to the CZA next month during a visit to India.

“The Central Zoo Authority should be proud of the example that it has set for governments around the world. We are proud to honour the organisation with PETA’s Proggy Award for International Leadership, and we commend it for its initiative and kindness,” Newkirk added.

According to PETA, India is home to an estimated 23,900 to 32,900 wild elephants.

PETA had repeatedly complained to the CZA about the suffering that elephants endure when they are forced to stand for long periods of time on hard concrete surfaces while being confined to cramped enclosures that severely restrict their movement.

The CZA recently announced that all elephants in Indian zoos will be transferred to camps run by the forest department. The camps will be located near protected areas, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India.

“This decision also applies to elephants in circuses, where, like in zoos, they are often kept chained,” Ashish Verma, PETA campaigner, said.