‘New policy soon on amnesty to former militants’

New Delhi, March 25 (IANS) The government proposes to unveil a national amnesty policy for former militants, be they from Kashmir or the northeast, with better coordination among security agencies, officials said Monday.

The move has assumed further import after the arrest of a former militant last week who claims to have come to India from Pakistan-Administered Kashmir to surrender but police say he was plotting an attack in New Delhi.
“The rehabilitation package (for former militants) has been working well. We need to look at it at a larger level along with state governments,” a senior official said on condition of anonymity.
“We need to learn from our own experiences. This case (the arrest of an ex-militant) shows we need better coordination (among police and security forces). In the next few months we will work on that,” the official said.
“So we will be reviewing and improving upon the rehab policy.”
Last week, the Delhi Police brought to the national capital a suspected Hizbul Mujahideen militant Liyaqat Ali Shah from Sanauli near Gorakhpur and arrested him for an alleged terror plot on Holi March Wednesday.
But Shah’s family claims he was a former militant who had actually come to surrender at Sanauli on the border with Nepal and seek rehabilitation as per the policy being followed by the Jammu and Kashmir government.
Both the state government and the police force there have supported the Shah family’s claim.
This has led to the home ministry seeking details from the Jammu and Kashmir Police.
The senior official who spoke of the national rehabilitation policy said the matter not just involved former militants from Jammu and Kashmir but also those from the north-eastern states as also Maoists.
“This has a political impact, a social impact,” the official said, saying the state governments, security agencies, the police force could all have different perspectives.