Migratory birds flock to Chandigarh

Chandigarh, Nov 15 (Inditop.com) Winter is here and it has brought hundreds of winged visitors from foreign shores to the city.

Migratory birds can be spotted in Sukhna Lake and in the adjoining 190-odd water bodies in the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary as these wetlands provide them the perfect environment for breeding.

According to forest officials, nearly 3,000 migratory birds have already arrived and this number is expected to reach 15,000 by January.

“These birds come here from countries like Siberia, China, Afghanistan and the Himalayan region to escape the biting cold climate there. They are coming to this region for the last 25 years as conditions here are very hospitable for them,” Chandigarh’s conservator of forests and chief wildlife warden Ishwar Singh told Inditop.

“Besides Sukhna Lake, these birds are also making their abode at water bodies in Botanical Garden and at Patiala-Ki-Rao Lake in Chandigarh. Pleasant weather conditions and a good number of reptiles and fish in the water bodies provide the ideal place for them,” he said.

Migratory birds start arriving here in early November and stay till March or April, depending on the climatic conditions. These include brahmi ducks, common pochards, red-crusted pochards, grebes, geese, shell ducks, marsh ducks, diving ducks, rails, coots, stilts, hill kingfisher, mallard, pintail, cormorants, Siberian ducks, cranes, storks and sandpipers.

Forest officials are also sparing no efforts to host the migratory birds.

“We have imposed a complete ban on poaching and on playing of loud music or bursting of crackers in the surrounding areas as it may disturb their lifestyle. We are removing weeds and are checking if there are any symptoms of infection or mortality,” Singh said.