Low water levels in Yamuna upset Taj security plans (Lead)

Agra, April 19 (IANS) Low water levels in the Yamuna river have put paid to plans to have two motorboats patrol the waterfront behind the Taj Mahal that is visited by hundreds of tourists every day, officials said.

District Magistrate Ashish Goyal and Senior Superintendent of Police Prem Prakash, who had planned a boat ride Saturday evening after the launch of the much talked about river security programme, had to return after the water level was found to be barely three feet.

The minimum water level required to run the motor boats, which were recently purchased, is five to six feet.

“The boats which were proposed to be pressed into service following security concerns along the rear of the Taj Mahal can not be used for the time being and are being sent back to the Police Lines,” Prem Prakash told reporters.