Kerala High Court judges to declare assets

Kochi, Aug 28 ( Judges of the Kerala High Court, including the chief justice, would declare their assets on Sep 30 and put the information on the website of the high court for scrutiny.

“The strength of the Kerala High Court is 38 and right now there are 33 judges, including the chief justice. All the 33 judges have decided to declare their assets and this would be put up on the website of the Kerala High Court,” D. Sree Vallabhan, registrar general of the high court, told IANS.

The decision follows a similar move by judges of the Supreme Court who decided Wednesday that the details of their assets would be publicised and put on the website of the apex court. The meeting was presided over by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan.

The judges passed a resolution that the details of their assets, which are already available with the office of the chief justice of India in varying formats, would be tabulated in a uniform format and placed on the apex court website at the earliest.

The website of the high court is