Insipid story makes ‘Devadas’ a dull affair (Kannada Movie Review)

Film: Devadas; Cast: Yogish, Janal Pande, Nethanya, Rangayana Raghu and Prameela Joshai; Producer: J. Krishna; Screenplaywriter-Director: ABCD Shantha Kumar; Music Director: Joshua Sridhar; Camera: Renu Kumar; Rating: **

First things first — though the film is titled ‘Devadas’, it has nothing to do with Sarat Chandra’s hugely popular classical novel. Many filmmakers have made hit films on ‘Devadas’ in Bengali, Hindi and Telugu. The last was Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit starrer, which was helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

In this Kannada film, except for the names of the characters, there are no similarities with the classic novel. The story and screenplay by ABCD Shantha Kumar, who worked as a production manager for more than two decades in the film industry, is so amateurish that you feel the director should not have taken the freedom of using the title or the characters name from the classic.

‘Devadas’ does not show any trace of director’s creativity or use of any contemporary technical style. The narration is as old as the film’s story. The film also suffers from meaningless dialogues and a couple of unnecessary sequences. Comedy sequences are really childish. Nothing looks convincing in the film.

The only redeeming feature is that the director has quite effectively remixed the famous song ‘Saraayi Sheesheyali’ from the two decade old ‘Mangalya Saakshi’. It certainly electrifies the audiences, who would have been bored to death watching the proceedings of the film.

Another song, which is little out of the box, is ‘Hey bul bul Maathaadakkilwaa’ song.

This love story revolves around Devadas who works as a junior artist in films and is in love with Parvathy, who lives in his neighbourhood. While their relationship gets stronger, Devadas becomes a big hero. When he expresses his desire to marry Parvathy, his father opposes the alliance.

To get rid of his pain, Devadas starts drinking and falls ill and is taken to a hospital where Parvathy pays him a visit.

Despite a weak script, the film’s hero shines with a neat performance. His dialogue delivery is appealing. Janap Pande is totally miscast, but Nethanya shines in her brief role.

Rangayana Raghu and Pramila Joshai have done a neat job.

Despite using a talented music director like Joshua Sridhar, who has a track record of good music compositions in Kannada films, the film’s music is just above average.

Nothing much can be written about Renu Kumar’s cinematography.

‘Devadas’ is just an ordinary film narrated in an amateurish manner.