‘Gurgaon judge’s girls look for slain mother on her B’day

Gurgaon, Aug 3 (IANS) Saturday was the birthday of Geetanjali, murdered wife of Gurgaon judge Ravneet Garg, and her two minor daughters who were unaware about their mother’s death here last month wanted to know where she was, a family member said Saturday.

Guddu, 5, and Punnu, 3, daughters of Garg, had been asking about their mother on the day of her 28th birthday, O.P. Aggarwal, Geetanjali’s father, told IANS.
Geetanjali’s body, with three gunshot wounds on chin, chest and stomach was found July 17 evening, near a play ground in crowed police lines campus. Garg’s licensed revolver was found near the body. A murder case was registered.
“A common friend told us that Guddu and Punnu have been asking for Geetanjali but judge Ravneet Garg and his family were misleading them on the pretext that she had gone to appear in exams for judge’s post,” said Aggarwal.
Alleging laxity in investigation, he said: “Gurgaon police, rather than solving the case, destroyed the evidence. We don’t even know the location of our grand daughters.”
He alleged that Geetanjali was killed in a pre-planned manner.
Alleging dowry demands from the family of judge, he said he had given two cars to Garg and his family on their demands.
“We have handed over all evidences of dowry to police but the department remained inactive,” said Rajiv Bansal, a relative of Geetanjali.
To seek justice for Geetanjali, we will hold a candle light march Sunday from near Garg’s house to Gurgaon police commissioner’s office, said another relative of the victim.
Police initially said Geetanjali’s death seemed to be a suicide.
Two days after the murder, a case of murder and criminal conspiracy was registered. Later, a case related to penal provision on death of a woman within seven years of marriage were added to the first information report. No one has been arrested.
Alok Mittal, Gurgaon police commissioner, said that they were awaiting forensic and ballistic reports.
The Haryana government has recommended a CBI inquiry.