Foreign dramas weave a tapestry of relationships

New Delhi, Jan 7 (IANS) Tales of hopes and dreams, confusion about seeking happiness in another person, and sincere declaration of love — international plays at the ongoing Bharat Rang Mahotsav festival here are themed around everyday subjects to strike a chord with the audience.

In the 16th edition of this annual theatre festival, organised by the National School of Drama, 71 Indian and foreign plays are being staged.
Six foreign groups from China, Japan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Germany and Poland have used verbal and non-verbal mediums to stage their productions.
A Sri Lankan play, “Sindu Kirilli” was staged Tuesday. Inspired by a South African play, its director had adapted it to reflect the socio-economic change their country is going through after a 26-year-long civil war.
There were two parallel narratives running in the play: one of a grandfather and his grand daughter who wants to go out of the village to pursue a career in the city against his wishes, and another of a playwright who wants to leave the artificial city life and shift to a village.
“Our country is slowly opening up to economic changes and many youngsters are dreaming of a career and an independent life. The story portrays these everyday struggles, fears and ambitions of younger people,” Buddhika Damayantha, its director, told IANS.
Another Sri Lankan play, “Trojan Women”, to be staged Jan 8, follows the fate of the women of Troy – an ancient city of Greece – after their husbands are killed and as their remaining families are about to be taken away as slaves.
Exploring complexities of a relationship is Polish non-verbal play “Awkward Happiness” that highlights the most delicate thread of human fabric — happiness in relationship. It will be staged Jan 18.
In the act, an intimate relationship is perceived as a playground to explore the individual and his or her great quest for happiness. It focuses on the journey of two couples who realise over time their relationship has many layers, secrets and misunderstandings.
Another non-verbal play, “Mephisto Waltz”, is from Germany. A gospel of dance, it is a sincere story of a person and declaration of love. It will focus on the power of self and heart to recreate a place where the world is away from war, but in heavenly abode of peace and happiness. The production will also be shown Jan 18.
The festival, which began Jan 4, will end Jan 19.