Flavours of Delhi through amateur lenses

New Delhi, April 24 (Inditop) The capital will the be the subject of a six-month photo-journalistic chronicle, which will begin Friday and trace Delhi’s genesis and growth as one of India’s most eclectic metropolises.

Titled “Dilli 6”, the series will cover six aspects of the capital – “Where Dilli Begins”, “Taste of Dilli”, “Fashion of Dilli”, “Markets of Dilli”, “Monuments of Dilli” and “Coming to Dilli”.

The initiative will include photography sessions on the streets of the capital followed by in-studio training sessions where amateur photographers will be trained to develop an eye for a “relevant subject” that best showcases the ethos of the capital.

The best photographs will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of the “Dilli 6” sessions in November in a show titled “Best of Dilli 6”.

Hosted by Fuschia Tree, a Hong Kong-based online gallery, the first “Dilli 6” workshop April 25-May 3 will include two on-site sessions and two studio sessions.

“My vision is to celebrate the old and the new, the raw and the refined, the hot and the cold, amongst all those things that makes Delhi the space that it is,” said Chanda Chaudhary Barrai, managing-director of The Fuschia Tree.

“Dilli 6”, Chaudhary said, has been conceptualised to cover six aspects that truly represents the essence of the capital.

“Each team will be led by a leader of photography who will pit their imagination and expertise to decide how best to explore the facets of the capital. The group of amateur lensmen will also learn how to improve their skills under the leaders,” she explained.

After each workshop, photographs taken by the group leader and the ones selected from the ones shot by the participants in the two onsite sessions will be curated by an art advisory panel and the group leader and exhibited at The Fuschia Tree display space in the East of Kailash and on its online gallery.

The first workshop, “Where Dilli Begins”, will zoom in on Purani Dilli or Old Delhi.

“The group will thread its way through Chandni Chowk – cover the stretch between the Spice Market, Peeli Kothi and the Fatehpuri Masjid,” Nagender Chhikara, leader of one of the groups of photographers, told Inditop.