Delhi to see relatively warm Sunday

New Delhi, Nov 29 ( Delhiites can expect a warmer day Sunday, a day after the capital recorded the lowest temperature of the season, the met department said.

The temperature is expected to go up after plummeting to the season’s low of 7.9 degrees Celsius Saturday.

“The minimum temperature would hover around 8.7 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature would be around 25 degrees Celsius,” a met official told Inditop.

He, however, said the weather in the city would not see extreme variations in the coming days.

“The temperature would not vary in the next couple of days. But it is expected to fall after a few days,” the official said.

The sky will remain clear and visibility would not be affected in the coming days as no fog is likely, he added.

Chilly winds swept through the national capital Saturday, which recorded the lowest temperature of the season at 7.9 degrees Celsius. The previous seasonal low of 8.6 degrees Celsius was recorded Nov 21.

The met official cited north-westerly winds blowing over the Jammu and Kashmir region as the reason behind the dip in the temperature.