Delhi sees rising temperatures, hot winds

New Delhi, April 19 (Inditop) Hot and dusty winds swept across the capital Sunday, making it unpleasant for Delhiites as the city saw temperatures soaring four to five degrees above normal.

The met office forecast a maximum temperature for Sunday at 41 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 25 degrees Celsius. The weather office also reported that strong hot surface winds prevailed in the region.

Since daytime temperatures have steadily stayed above normal, the weatherman warned that a “loo-like” condition could soon be declared.

“A loo-like situation is declared when temperatures are four or five degrees above normal in a heat wave scenario. The normal for this time is 36 degrees Celsius – so it is likely that we will declare the loo soon,” an official from the Indian Meteorological Department told IANS.

People in the city had a tough time coping with the heat and the strong dust-laden winds.

“The summer has just started and it’s already like a heat wave has hit us!” said Shreyas Sahu, a software engineer.

Rohit Sharma, who commutes on a motorcycle, said: “I felt like I was in a furnace. My arms were burning.”