Bengal sex workers learn to identify fake currency

Kolkata, March 22 (IANS) To check circulation of fake currency notes among them, sex workers in Kolkata and neighbouring areas are being trained to detect such notes manually and through machines, an NGO activist said here Friday.

“We have got special machines at our centre so that the workers can check the notes. Besides, they are extremely aware of such things happening and so they are also trained to observe the differences between real and fake bills,” secretary of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, Bharati Dey, whose organisation represents 65,000 sex workers in West Bengal, told IANS.
Dey also said that the workers are smart and quite adept at dealing with such “tricks” by customers. However, they are scared of approaching the police for help.
“The sex workers are scared of approaching the police for help as the officials might accuse them of keeping such notes in circulation,” Dey told IANS.
The organisation that also educates and trains the workers to prevent trafficking will take some of its members to the anti-trafficking summit in Bangkok this November.