‘Baby Falak’s chances of survival less than 50 percent’

New Delhi, Jan 31 (IANS) Battered two-year-old baby Falak, who was admitted to AIIMS with multiple injuries two weeks ago, continues to be critical with a doctor at the hospital saying her chances of survival are less than 50 percent.

“There is no surgery lined up for now. Her chances of survival are low. Even though it is difficult to put an exact number, it is less than 50 percent,” Deepak Agrawal, assistant professor, neurosurgery, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Trauma Centre told IANS.
The toddler, who underwent a second brain surgery Monday, is suffering from infection in her chest and brain, and is still on ventilator. “We are just watching the child for now,” the doctor said.
The Delhi Police is meanwhile trying to chain together the series of events that led to the baby being abandoned. It said it was close to solving the case after crucial leads were found Monday.
The 15-year-old, who brought the baby to AIIMS and is now in a juvenile home, will also be questioned Tuesday by a child welfare committee which will decide about the teenager’s custody, police sources said.
Police said a woman, Munni, a mother of four, was the biological mother of the baby and had left her in the house of Laxmi in Uttam Nagar area of west Delhi.
Laxmi handed over the baby to Rajkumar alias Dilshad (28), who left the girl with his minor girlfriend before heading to Mumbai for the treatment of his son.
Falak was admitted to AIIMS Jan 18 with multiple injuries, including a fractured skull, human bite marks on her tiny frame and a clot on the right side of her brain.