10,339 people prosecuted for traffic offences on Holi

New Delhi, March 28 (IANS) A total of 10,339 people were prosecuted in the capital for various traffic offences on Holi which was celebrated Wednesday, police Thursday said.

These included 1,278 cases of drunk driving, 973 of triple-riding on two-wheelers, 3,967 for not wearing helmets and 465 for not using seat belts in the joint operation by traffic police, Police Control Room (PCR) vans and staff of respective police stations.
Of the total violations, 4,781 were by motorcyclists. A total of 1,149 among them were caught for drunk driving, 2,083 for not wearing helmet and 615 for triple-riding. At least 1,429 prosecutions were done by Chase and Challan squad motorcyclists after chasing the violators.
“About 200 teams of traffic police officials were stationed at different locations in the city to take action against drunk driving, over-speeding, driving without helmet and seat belt and other traffic offences,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Shukla.
“Around 610 motorcycles of the Chase and Challan Squad were also given the special task of prosecuting drunk drivers,” he said.