Filmmaker MORGAN SPURLOCK is determined to solve a dispute over THE SIMPSONS character GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIE as two Scottish cities battle to claim the fictional janitor as their own

Officials in Glasgow have posted a picture of Willie – voiced by American funnyman Dan Castellaneta – in their online hall of fame, citing a 1997 episode of the animated comedy, in which the character describes himself as “the ugliest man in Glasgow”.

But he is also shown rooting for Aberdeen’s soccer team in a dream in a 2003 episode, prompting sporting chiefs in the Highlands city to claim him too.

Now the Super Size Me director has jetted to the U.K. to solve the puzzle, speaking to authorities in both cities in a bid to trace the roots of the grumpy school employee for a film.

An employee at Aberdeen Football Club tells the Daily Record, “He spoke to a few people. It’s great publicity because it’s going to be seen by a huge audience.

The footage will be shown as part of Spurlock’s new Simpsons documentary marking the 20th anniversary of the long-running cartoon.