Singer Elly Jackson wants George Michael to be her dad

London, Sep 27 ( Elly Jackson is such a huge fan of George Michael that she wishes he was her father.

The La Roux singer admires the pop legend, who was arrested earlier this year following a car crash, so much that she wishes she had grown up with him, reports.

“I love George Michael. I want him to be my dad. Even the Land Rover incident just made him more endearing,” she said.

Elly currently lives in South London with her mother, actress Trudie Goodwin who is famous for playing Sergeant June Ackland in English television police drama “The Bill”, and insists she would rather “live in a bin” than move anywhere else.

“Move? I’d rather live in a bin. I’ve got four really close old friends, I can walk to all their houses and my sister lives in walking distance. No one recognises me here. If I lived somewhere else in London I’d get recognised all the time,” she said.