Rihanna flew around the world for new album

London, Nov 27 (Inditop.com) Singer Rihanna has revealed she jetted all over the globe to find inspiration for her new album “Rated R”.

The Barbados-born singer was determined to make her fourth studio album her best yet and she discovered her influences for the same while travelling the world to find talented collaborators, reports fashion.ie.

“We did (recorded in) New York, L.A., London, Paris. I’m a musician and a musician first. The fame and all that stuff comes with it but nothing is worth it without the music being great. I didn’t care where I had to go – I knew the musicians I wanted to work with, the producers and the writers. Wherever my creative energy was at that moment I went,” she said.

“London – most of my creative energy comes from there. Every time I’m there, I get really inspired, really creative. It’s crazy because I just get a really good vibe when I’m there.”

“Paris – we were shooting my album cover shoot and doing Fashion Week. We were in Paris so we had to (find time to record). New York – I spent most of the summer here so again we recorded here. LA – I live there and a lot of producers and songwriters live there too. It was just a matter of timing and the people I wanted to work with,” she said.