SHARON OSBOURNE refuses to tolerate anyone referring to her children as fat – and once threatened to cut off a teenager’s manhood when he dumped daughter KELLY.

The rock matriarch’s daughter was humiliated as a schoolgirl when a boyfriend broke off their fledgling relationship because of her weight.

Both Kelly and her brother Jack also faced criticism of their looks when they rose to fame on reality TV show The Osbournes – but mum Sharon refused let bullies get the better of them.

In her autobiography, Fierce, Kelly writes, “I started dating a guy when I was 14 but he dumped me in front of everyone, saying I was fat. Next day, Mum turned up at school, marched over to him and said: ‘If you don’t stop saying nasty lies about my daughter, I’m going to chop your d**k off and shove it down your throat.’ No guy at school said horrible things after that.

“When a reviewer of The Osbournes TV show made reference to me and Jack being fat, Mum got someone to s**t in a box and sent it to him with a note saying: ‘I’ve heard you’ve got an eating disorder? Eat this.'”

And Kelly has taken after her mum by carrying out similar crazy antics: “The scary thing is, I’ve started to be like her. I was in a club in London and I gave a guy a lift home. I popped into his house because I had to pee, but when I walked in he pushed himself on me. I pushed him off, hid in a bedroom and waited until he passed out. Then I pulled my knickers down and peed on his carpet. You can thank Mum for that crazy behaviour.”