Mariah Carey moves personal trainer home

London, April 15 (Inditop) Pop singer Mariah Carey is moving her personal trainer to her home in Los Angeles to get back in shape.

She was recently criticised for her figure, reports Carey received some negative comments after her pictures of visiting husband Nick Cannon’s relatives in San Diego appeared online.

Carey claims she is working hard to get back in shape and is talking about it on networking site

She writes: “Looking at some paparazzi shots from Easter… I don’t know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress… or the b.s. (bulls**t) commentary/blogs. It was Easter and we were trying to be nice so we just walked out Nick’s aunt’s front door despite the paparazzi who had followed us all the way to San Diego! I figured, why not give them a pic even tho (though) I look a stone mess after a long festive day…”

“Then in return we get a… b.s. story and some pics I could’ve definitely lived w/out (without). …Just ‘for the record’… that dress and hair were not ‘red carpet’ attire! And if I gained a few pounds… My trainer’s back living w/ (with) me again…yippie.”