Malawi’s top judge to hear Madonna’s adoption plea

London, April 30 (Inditop) Pop diva Madonna’s ongoing bid to adopt a Malawian girl will be heard by the country’s top judge May 4.

The singer is appealing against a high court judge’s April 3 ruling, which rejected her request for the adoption of three-year-old Mercy James, reported

The case will be heard by a panel in the capital city of Lilongwe Monda and Malawi’s top judge, Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo, has taken it upon himself to hear the “important” case.

“Since this involves an infant, it will be heard in chambers. This is an important case that’s why the chief justice himself has taken special interest,” said Joseph Chigona, spokesperson for High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal.

Madonna, who is recovering after falling off a horse in New York earlier this month, is not required to attend the hearing.