Lohan’s tantrums infuriate store owners

London, Nov 23 (Inditop.com) Retailers are threatening to stop selling Lindsay Lohan’s leggings range after she threw tantrums at the store.

The owners of exclusive Los Angeles boutique Kitson claim that Lohan demanded over $14,000 of free gear from a store assistant, despite failing to fulfil her promotional duties for her range, reported thesun.co.uk.

Kitson heads have blasted the liberty-taking star and insist she’s lucky they’re still stocking her 6126 leggings.

“We’re really offended. The tables have turned and now we’re the customer. We spent $50,000 on her leggings line, but she hasn’t come to the store in three years and she didn’t even do a personal appearance,” said a spokesperson of the store.

“She should have brought cookies for the staff to thank them for selling her leggings because she does nothing. We don’t know if we’ll continue to carry them,” added the spokesperson.