Kidman hates to hear herself singing

London, Nov 19 ( Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman hates her singing voice because she can’t reach the high notes.

The Oscar-winner, who sang in in “Moulin Rouge”, is set to wow fans again in upcoming movie musical “Nine”, but says she can’t listen to her singing voice, reported

“I’m not a singer. When I act, I know there are limitations to my ability but I can basically go in there and I can interpret something, whereas, when I sing, I can’t hit the notes I want to hit always, and I can’t express myself exactly the way I want to, so that can be frustrating,” said Kidman.

Talking about her song in “Nine”, the actress added: “I would have loved to have been able to sing that song in a very very high soprano voice, but I just don’t have that voice… and I feel exposed.”