John Travolta seeks solitude in Tahiti

London, April 23 (Inditop) Hollywood actor John Travolta, who lost his 16-year-old son Jett in January, took a solo trip to Tahiti where he stayed over the weekend.

Travolta, 55, flew in from Australia on April 18 in his private 707. He was not spotted outside his hotel room until he left the island in the evening of April 19, reports

“He (Travolta) told the hotel manager, ‘I don’t want to see anyone. I only want to rest,'” said a source.

Since Jett died from a seizure disorder, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have kept a low profile and tried to stay strong for their daughter, Ella Bleu, 9.

“He is still in mourning about his son. This is not easy and everyone has their own process. He’s always there for his family but he is still healing,” said a source close to Travolta.