Is Dustin Hoffman out of ‘Little Fockers’?

New York, Nov 20 ( Hollywood veteran Dustin Hoffman may not feature in “Little Fockers”, the third instalment of the “Meet the Parents” franchise.

Hoffman and Barbra Streisand played Bernie and Roz Focker in “Meet the Fockers”, a sequel to “Meet the Parents”. According to, there has been strife between Hoffman and the studio over the length of the part, the scheduling of the days on set and other difficulties.

Hoffman had tentatively agreed to appear in what was to be a very funny cameo at the end of the movie. That seems to have now fallen apart due to either salary issues or scheduling problems, or both.

The studio, Universal, refused to comment.

It is also not known whether Streisand still has a prominent role in the movie as Ben Stiller’s mother.