KRISTEN STEWART has actor EMILE HIRSCH to thank for her role in vampire hit TWILIGHT – he convinced director CATHERINE HARDWICKE the actress could tackle any role.

Hirsch was wowed by the 19 year old’s talent after working with her in Sean Penn’s 2007 adventure movie Into The Wild, and couldn’t help but recommend her to his Lords of Dogtown collaborator Hardwicke while she made plans to bring Twilight to the big screen.

Hirsch tells OKMagazine.com, “I was gushing about her. I think she’s so talented and so perfect.

“She’s a great conversationalist, very inquisitive. She’s got a little bit of an edge, too, though, so she’s not a pushover. She’s strong and cool. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she’s emotional, too.”