GIRLS GONE WILD founder JOE FRANCIS has hit back at accusations he assaulted BRODY JENNER’s girlfriend, insisting THE HILLS star actually attacked him.

Jenner alleged on Friday (28Aug09) that Francis “punched and kicked” Playboy model Jayde Nicole at Hollywood hotspot Guys & Dolls after she threw a drink at him to keep him from hitting on her pal.
Jenner claims he then followed Francis out of the venue and punched him in the face – but was struck with a Taser gun.
But Francis insists it was Jenner who assaulted him – and maintains there is security footage that will prove he didn’t assault Nicole.
He tells, “This was an unprovoked attack. The security-camera footage pretty much confirms my account of the events entirely. I was talking with a friend of mine. I got punched in the back and then all of a sudden, (Nicole) poured a drink, and then a glass hits me in the head… I wanted to turn her head around. I grabbed her hair, and the next thing I know, my shirt’s being ripped. I’m punched in the face. I go into the submissive ball until the whole thing gets settled down.”
According to Francis, both men were escorted from the club when he suddenly found himself knocked out: “(Suddenly) I was on the ground, so I don’t remember the punch, but (Brody) punched me. By the time I came to, I was being helped up and (club security) were chasing Brody around the parking lot. And they Tased him to bring him down to the ground… and then three guys jump on him, and then I sped away. It’s all captured on video.”
The 36 year old is so furious over the recent attack, he’s considering taking legal action: “I have some injuries. I’m considering all options right now. My jaw is swollen. I have cuts and bruises all over my body. I’m pretty angry.”
He also insisted it isn’t the first time he has clashed with Jenner: “This is the second time this guy has attacked me. He attacked me once before in a nightclub. It was in March of this year…
“This kid runs around Hollywood. His whole thing is to try and be famous. I would never hit a girl in my life, and the footage proves that.”