Escaped bulls stop shooting of Cruise movie in Spain

New York, Nov 23 ( Filming of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starrer “Knight And Day” has been suspended in Spain after seven bulls escaped the sets during the shooting and injured two people. reports that the animals, who were being used to recreate scenes from the country’s annual Pamplona bull run, fled on the streets of Cadiz until they were recaptured approximately 40 minutes later.

Two women were slightly hurt during the stampede, according to police officials, leading the mayor’s office to call off shooting until safety procedures are re-evaluated.

“Nothing will be filmed in Cadiz until we have a new plan that guarantees the safety of local residents,” said a spokesperson for the mayor of Cadiz.

Producer Calle Cruzada insists he did not know how the bulls managed to escape. But the incident has furthered the fears of an anti-bullfighting organisation CAS International whose members have pleaded with Cruise and Diaz to pull out of the movie.

“Apart from the fact that bulls are abused for this movie, we also fear that after seeing this movie, even more American and other tourists will participate in the bull runs in Pamplona and elsewhere in Spain,” CAS International said in a statement.

Cruise and Diaz were due to fly to Spain to start filming their scenes from Nov 28.