Lawyers representing MICHAEL JACKSON’s doctor have requested a copy of his autopsy results, just hours after a coroner ruled the superstar’s death was a homicide.

Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office announced on Friday (28Aug09) that Jackson was killed by the cocktail of drugs administered to him in the hours before his death. The primary cause of death was listed as “acute Propofol intoxication”, referring to the strong anaesthetic Jackson used to help him sleep.

The homicide ruling will intensify the investigation into the star’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, who was with the Thriller legend on the day he died.

According to the Associated Press, Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff has swiftly requested more information about the autopsy results – which have not been released in full. He tells the AP he needs to know the exact levels of drugs in Jackson’s system.

Chernoff also criticised authorities for not releasing autopsy and toxicology results, describing the move as “gamemanship”.

The lawyer added that Murray was not surprised by Friday’s findings, claiming they are in line with what he told police.