Veteran crooner MICHAEL BOLTON found an unlikely writing partner to help him with his new album – pop sensation LADY GAGA.

Bolton had no idea who the Poker Face hitmaker was when she approached him to offer her services, shortly before her career exploded.

He explains, “I was taking a break from production when my manager and the label tag-teamed me on the phone about writing with a young artist named Lady Gaga who I had never heard of – but they were raving about – they said that she was a huge fan of mine and wanted to write with me.”

The pair gelled and Bolton’s convinced great things beckon for Gaga: “When I met her in the studio later that night, I realised she was not only about to have a big hit record but Gaga was a superstar about to launch – her energy was so high and her focus excited me. She reminded me of a young Madonna – with more exuberance and emphasis on the art rather than the marketing.”

Their collaborations will feature on One World One Love, which hits stores next month (Sep09).