Top 10 worst breakfasts items you should avoid

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nutritionists swear by the significance of breakfast. Hence it is often said that one must have a breakfast like a King. However, many people are not aware of the importance breakfast has in the course of the entire day. They just brush aside this fact and skip or have a hurried breakfast. What is worse is that they have wrong food items for breakfast. Since you start your day with it, there are chances that your entire day gets wasted due to it. Here are 10 worst breakfast options.

1. Bagel and cream cheese:

bagelcreamcheeseThe amount of calories that is associated with Bagel and cream cheese makes it the worst breakfast option. Imitation of the West has made this dish prominent in many countries. But, the nutrition content is very low and so, it is not advisable to start your day with it. Plus, the fats and calories are not good for your health.

2. Packaged cereals:

Natures-Path-CerealCereals are considered to be an important option for breakfast. But, the packaged cereals that you get in stores and supermarkets are nowhere close to the ideal cereals that one should have for breakfast. The reason is that most of these cereals are jam-coated with sugar. This means that the energy levels obtained from them will last only for a short time. People are bound to be hungry within some time itself.

3. Smoothies:

main-power-berry-smoothiesSmoothies might be hot favourite for many people, but having a smoothie for breakfast is not a very good option. The sugar levels are very high which is why it should not be consumed in the morning. Also, the smoothies available at shops are full of fat milk, which is not considered to be healthy. A healthy option would be to prepare your own shake with skinned milk and fresh fruits or yoghurt.

4. Donuts:

Lamar's DonutsDonuts might be a very good option to satisfy your sweet tooth but they are bad when it comes to breakfast. They are full of sugar, jam, chocolate, honey and any other sweetener which are low in nutrients. They do not provide the necessary stamina that is required throughout the day. So, one should not start their day with donuts.

5. Breakfast scones:

recipe_irish_scone_1Breakfast scones might seem to be a very sophisticated breakfast meal but things are often not how they seem. These scones are full of butter, sugar and cream. These are extremely high in fats and low in nutrients and proteins. Moreover the fibre content is also very low, making a person gain nothing out of it.

6. Granola:

granolaOne may mistake the granola available in malls and shops as a healthy breakfast option, but they have to think again. The healthy mixture of honey, oats and brown sugar is contaminated with fats and calories in stores. The disadvantages are more than the advantages. Per serving, they contain 10 grams of fats and 400 grams of calories. Imagine the condition of those who consume it!

7. Sausage:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANon vegetarians may love eating sausages but it is not a good idea to start your day with it. The calorie count of a sausage is as high as 800. Even a small piece can make a person consume a whole lot of calories. Hence it is advisable to stay away from these.

8. Sandwich:

Russian Sandwiches upload 2A whole wheat vegetable sandwich is great to start your day but if it is replaced with cheese, ham and meat then the same sandwich becomes a worse option for breakfast. They amount to high levels of fats in the body.

9. Pancakes:

PancakesOccasional helping of pancakes is okay but substituting your morning meal with one might be a bad idea according to health experts. One must avoid them for breakfast.


27039_lYour taste buds may be craving for muffins, but wait for a second before making them your breakfast meal. These muffins are full of fats, calories and preservatives. They can lead to health damage. Best is to stick to home-made muffins made of fresh fruits and have them occasionally. Never consume it for breakfast as it will not help you gain anything.