South Korea to provide free swine flu vaccines

Seoul, Aug 30 ( South Korea will provide free swine flu vaccines to around 9.1 million people across the country, WAM news agency reported Sunday citing officials.

At least one million medical staff, 7.5 million school children and 660,000 soldiers will be given free swine flu vaccines, an official of the ruling Grand National Party (GNP) said.

Among other beneficiaries of the free vaccination programme include senior citizens, pregnant women and children below five years.

He added that others would be charged $8.03 per vaccination.

Meanwhile, South Korean pharmaceutical company Green Cross Co. president Huh Jae-hoe said: “If permission is granted (by the government) by the end of November, Green Cross will be able to produce up to 12 million doses of the Influenza A (swine flu) vaccine for six million people by the end of the year.”