Iraqi woman gets new breast after surgery

New Delhi, Jan 7 (IANS) A 20-year-old Iraqi woman, suffering from a rare medical condition characterised by an underdeveloped breast, got a new right breast after undergoing surgery at a hospital here, a doctor said Tuesday.

The woman named Iman was suffering from “Poland Syndrome”, in which her right breast was missing. Her breast was tubular shaped, ptotic and completely underdeveloped.
“In Poland Syndrome, the nipple is usually tiny or completely absent and can be accompanied by deficient chest wall and muscles. However, in the case of Iman, her skin on the chest was deficient for the breast implant,” said Kaveshwar Ghura, cosmetic and plastic surgeon at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.
The surgery was completed in five hours.
“The muscle tissue from her back was transplanted at the chest to create space and support for the implant. Later, a tissue expander was placed under her skin. This tissue expander was inflated gradually with water so as to create space for the implant,” Ghura added.
This rare condition occurs is one in 200,000 births.