Indian American doctor faces trial for keeping high explosives

Washington, April 23 (Inditop) An Indian-born doctor in the US faces a June 1 trial on a charge of possessing explosive only permitted for military use.

Randeep Mann, 50, arraigned before US Magistrate J. Thomas Ray in Little Rock Arkansas Tuesday, pleaded not guilty to one count of possessing unregistered machine guns and high explosives.

Mann is accused of owning 98 high-explosive grenades found in the woods near his home. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, Arkansas News reported.

Mann’s lawyers Tuesday filed a motion asking that the charge be dropped, contending federal prosecutors failed to secure an indictment against Mann within 30 days after his arrest.

Mann of the London community in Pope County was arrested March 4 after federal agents searched his home after a cache of unregistered, high-explosive grenades was found in the vicinity. Four unregistered firearms were found in his home in London, near Russellville.

In the motion to dismiss, attorney Blake Hendrix, who also represents Mann, argued the doctor was entitled to a speedy trial because the government has 30 days after an arrest to secure an indictment.

Mann, Hendrix argued in the motion, was indicted April 8, 36 days after he was arrested. “A violation of the 30-day rule requires a mandatory dismissal of the indictment,” the motion said.