Don’ts for your ideal muscle growth

Body building and weight training is a sport where you need to search for optimum exercise schedules and optimum results instead of simply overdoing it.Your hard work of months may go in drain, it you will not keep these simple facts straight in your head. They are very crucial and you can also term them as the common mistakes that some over enthusiastic people does.When someone goes for weight training they need the best results. They try to figure out many answers from the experts of the game and this is where they get some really strange answers where most of them tell you to kind of overdo it in the terms of diet and exercise. You should try and avoid these fatal mistakes if you are actually looking for a healthy and sparkling and well-toned body.This way you will be able to save your precious time, money and energy for yourself and you will be able to attain the best results in minimum of the efforts.

Avoid the overdose of supplements

Understand the meaning of this word supplement, supplement refers to the food or any other intake that you take to compensate the extra efforts that you does during your gym exercise.They are not boosters, they are fillers. People often mistake them as boosters also never forget that a supplement is something where they packed more calories in less substance.So you should exactly know that where to draw the line when you are taking supplements. A little bit extra of supplements may flood you with calories.

Excessive exercising is a sin

It is a kind of a fad among the people to do it more in order to get quick and fast results. Here you need to understand one thing very straight; your exercise regime is a kind of addition in to your daily routine. When you work hard in gym then in this case your muscles receive certain types of wear and tears. Most of them are microscopic tears.When you relaxes or sleep or even take some water then your body does this job of repairing for you.So make sure to strike a balance between these two routines. Your exercise should be in proportion with your relaxation otherwise body will not be able to repair the damages or injuries and you may end up in pain and other ailments.

Don’t set some surreal goals for yourself

This is one problem that every beginner faces when they start their stint in the gym. They set some unrealistic goals for themselves like they want to look like certain athlete or a film star. Then they rush for it and end up in trouble.There are certain people who set the goals simply by appreciating their gym trainers or some seniors who are doing it on a regular basis. They have this argument here they are setting the goals after watching the fitness level of a real person.Never forget that these guys have already spent years in the game and then they got this type of body and eight packs. You also need to follow the same, there are no shortcuts here.

Good calorie, bad calorie and dirty calorie

If your body is breaking it down in the form of energy then this is good calorie, if it is depositing in your body and making you a little ugly looking or fat then it is bad calorie and if you getting it from some unwholesome or junk option then it is dirty calorie.
A person who goes in to the gyms often thinks that their exercise gives them this license to eat any type of calorie. This is not correct; avoid all those pizzas, cold drinks and chickens because most of them work as a dirty calorie for your body.

Matching steps with pros without proper  technical support

An article on internet may inspire you to follow the routine of ideal body builders. You might find it challenging but then you love challenges and this is why you are in to the game at its first place.So if you are someone who is planning to match the steps with someone who is a pro in the game then in this case you need to check certain facts more clearly. For instance the monitoring aspect of his exercise regime, all these pros have these additional benefits that they are under a kind of a constant watch of the dieticians, gym trainers and other experts.
So if something goes wrong then these experts can detect the things at an early stage and help them a great deal in case of injuries.
So when you follow any such footsteps then make sure that you too have these luxuries with you at your dispense. Make sure that you are under expert surveillance most of the time.

Breaking the monotony is not good always

This is a very common mistake people does too often, in order to break the monotony of their exercise regime they either switch on to different weights or sometimes they simply prefer to switch on to different machines as well.You should never forget about the loading and de-loading schedules attached to it. Muscle toning is an art as well as a science as well. Here you work hard on certain parts of your body and this shows the results. While changing the weights if you don’t follow these schedules then in this case you may end up with a bad shape and in certain cases you may also end up in losing the positive impact of your previous hard work as well.

Hiring too many tutors

When you are inside the gym then you might loads of advices from the people around you. Make sure that you are getting all these advices from and expert and you are not sharing mere personal experiences of the individuals.Here you also need to understand one more thing, it is a slow process and patience is the key. Stick to the advice of the first person and wait for the results till a point of time. Otherwise you may end up moving in circles and reaching nowhere in the terms of your muscle toning goals.

Lifting heavier weight never means that you are doing more exercise

What kinds of weights you are lifting; it should be in some kind of proportion with your body weight. People often think that if they are doing it with heavier weights then they are doing more exercise.It is a misconception besides power your muscles also needs certain kind of motion as well. With heavier weights sometimes you compromise on that motion and this may delay results for you.It is better to choose optimum weights instead of going for heavier options.For example you are doing it with 1000 pounds and doing 3 repeats. At the same time you are doing it with 500 pounds with 8 repeats. The second option is more fruitful for you. It will give more exercise to your body.You should go for heavy weights only in the case when your body needs rigorous exercise for the results.