Baby discharged after surgery for rare disorder

New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) Two-year-old baby Roona from Tripura, who underwent multiple surgery at a Gurgaon hospital to correct a rare disorder that caused her head to double in size, has been discharged after treatment for around nine months, a doctor said.

Roona Begum, a patient of Hydrocephalus, underwent several surgical procedures which saw doctors at Fortis Memorial Research Centre drain fluid from her head in a life-saving operation and dramatically reduce the size of her skull.
“Baby Roona is normal now. Soon, she will start behaving normally like other children of her age,” a doctor said.
“The size of Roona’s forehead has been decreased to 57 cm from 94 cm, the initial size,” he said.
Roona, who lives with her impoverished parents in a village in Tripura, was born with hydrocephalus, a potentially fatal condition that causes cerebral spinal fluid to build up in the brain.
Her condition caused her head to swell to a circumference of 94 cm, putting pressure on her brain and making it impossible for her to sit upright.
She was first admitted to the hospital in April where she spent 105 days before being discharged in August.
Her parents brought her to the Gurgaon hospital again for a final check-up, where doctors examined her and said she was safe and would soon be normal like other children.