Abstainers most likely to be depressed

London, Aug 29 (Inditop.com) Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked with poor physical and mental health. But individuals who call themselves ‘abstainers’ were at the highest risk of depression, says a new research.

Researchers were able to show that those who reported drinking no alcohol over a two week period were more likely than moderate drinkers to report symptoms of depression.

The study utilised data from the Nord-Tr�ndelag Health Study (HUNT Study) based on the drinking habits and mental health of over 38,000 individuals in Norway.

Other factors, including age, health problems and number of close friends, could explain some but not all of this increased risk, says a statement from Addiction journal which published the study.

The authors also had access to reported levels of alcohol consumption 11 years prior to the main survey. This showed that 14 percent of abstainers had previously been heavy drinkers, but this did not explain all of the increased risk of depression amongst abstainers.