4 Simple Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia can easily drive you nuts as the clock on your wall ticks deep into the night and you are wide awake to notice how each minute on the clock passes. It usually starts as a minor condition with some nights being a little bit restless. Then without warning, sleep disappears. One then finds it hard to even remember when they last had some good sleep. Fortunately, insomnia is a condition that calls for some simple home remedies. Note though that it is always wise to book an appointment with a doctor anytime you suspect your situation is getting out of hand. But before then, try the following home remedies.

Recommended before bed meals
There are meals and drinks that are known to facilitate and compliment healthy sleeping habits. Bite a slice of chicken breasts or turkey drum sticks before going to bed. You can also consider enjoying bananas before bedtime. These foods are rich in trypophan as well as amino acids which experts normally use to make serotonin. Serotonin is simply a brain chemical that is capable of making even the worst insomniac fall asleep.


Befriend carbohydrates
You may not know it but carbohydrates usually have an accelerating effect on trypophan. That is, they help the substance get into one’s brain quicker.  With that in mind, enjoy a glass of milk before going to bed. Enjoy the glass with a snack that is rich in carbohyrdates. It could be a low sugar pastry, a bagel or even a cookie. Milk is rich in tyrpophan .Bagels and such like pastries with their rich carbohydrates will make the role of milk in facilitating sleep easy for you.


Valerian herbs

The best thing about valerian herbs used for treating insomnia is the fact that they do not contain additives that may come along with serious side effects. There is also the fact that valerian herbs work on insomniacs without giving them hangovers when they wake up. Valerian herbs work by binding to the same receptors in the brain that diazepam and other tranquilizers usually bind to. With that in mind, swallow two or even just one capsule of valerian roots an hour or two before going to bed. Passion flower capsules can also be used where one finds it hard to use valerian herbs. That is simply because passion flower capsules have the same effect as valerian herms on the brain.

Smell your way to sleep
This sounds funny but it actually works. Try spraying your room with mild lavender fragrance. Lavender has tranquilizer effects that can easily sooth one to sleep. If for one reason or another you cannot spray lavender in your room, try buy any oil laced with lavender fragrances and dab the oil on your forehead or temples before sleeping. Jasmine too has the same effect. Studies have in fact revealed that jasmine has stronger effects on sleep compared to lavender. Your best bet is therefore to get two fragrances and use them interchangeably. That way, you will know which fragrance sends you to sleep quicker.