3 Brutal 5 Minute Bodyweight Exercises to Kick Your Butt Back Into Shape

How many times have you asked someone how to become fitter only to be given the answer “join a gym”? Yeah obviously the gym is a great place to get fit, but what do you do if you can’t afford to join one, or simply do not have enough hours in your day to lift weights? Fortunately, I am here to say that not only is the traditional gym not an outright requirement, but it is for the most part entirely redundant. How you ask? Read on..
First off know that you really do not need to be lifting weights to become stronger, period. Yes lifting weights is a great way to gain good strength however it is not the only way. Here are 3 exercises you can do to become fit as a wrestler without ever needing to step inside a gym.

3 Brutal 5 Minute Bodyweight Exercises to Kick Your Butt Back Into Shape
These exercises are discussed in depth in the book – Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey, who is a renowned American Wrestler. Disclaimer – I am not associated with Matt Furey in any way, so know that I am not trying to promote him, however the methods that he teaches are some of the most time tested and effective systems out there! Also, these exercises are not his invention and can be learnt elsewhere as well; he is simply considered an authority on them and teaches them. So go ahead and give it a shot, I dare say you will be surprised by the results:

The Hindu Pushups

Hindu pushups, also known as the “Dand” originated in India and were used by Indian, Chinese, Turkish and Japanese wrestlers in their training. To do the Hindu pushups start inclined on the ground with your butt in the air and your feet spread a little more widely than your shoulder width. Now swoop your upper body downwards and as you cross your arms go straight up. Repeat this 20 – 25 times. You will immediately begin to register fatigue building in your arms and shoulders, don’t stress yourself too much, flow with the rhythm and do as many as you can.
The Hindu Squat

Again from India, the Hindu Squat AKA the “Baithak” is one of the most effective lower body exercises you can do. Start out standing relaxed with your feet at shoulder width and arms stretched out in front of you. Now squat down but as you do go on your toes raising yourself on your heels keeping your back straight. Now throw your hands back as though you were rowing a boat lowering them as you go down. Breathe out while going down and breathe in while coming back up. Repeat this 25 times with good form the first time and build it up to 50 – 75 repetitions.
The Back Bridge
The Back Bridge is a little tricky and will require some getting used to. First of all be sure you are on a training mat or at least a carpet. Now back_bridge11lie on your back and put your hands right next to your head. Push up off your feet and push your chest back at the same time such that you are resting on your forehead. Try to decrease the distance between your legs and head by as much as you can. Try and hold this positing for 20 – 30 seconds before going back down.
It will only take you 5 maybe 10 minutes to do these everyday but damn those will be 5 – 10 minutes you will reap every second worth of benefit from! Don’t freak out if you wake up with sore muscles the next day, that’s normal.


These exercises are holistic in nature meaning they work out the entire body instead of focusing on specific muscle groups which is why they work so well. Try these out and see for yourself how fast you can get back into shape.