World don’t know Indian music past Bollywood: Grammy-nominated British DJ

Candolim (Goa) Dec 29 (IANS) Bollywood enjoys wide popularity across the globe be it for movies, action, drama or music and Grammy-nominated British DJ and producer Mark Knight feels that Indian music has become synonymous with Bollywood because of ignorance.

“There is ignorance towards Indian music in general. If you look at Bollywood, which is so huge, everyone in the world knows and understands Bollywood music. But past that I don’t think people have a great understanding towards Indian music,” Mark told IANS on the sidelines of Vh1 Supersonic 2014 being held on the shores of Candolim beach here.
“I include myself in the mentioned category. I have a lot to learn about Indian music and I hope to return and understand it better,” he added.
Mark along with his brother Stuart Knight, started a label called Toolroom Records in 2003. Now the label is known for credible house and tech house music.
Mark feels that the only thing that can bridge the gap is more music.
“People have to produce more music and as fast it will spread, I’m sure things would change,” he told IANS.
Mark has performed in India in Sunburn Festival last year too. The artist feels that the understanding towards new music and genres in India has added to the popularity of the music.
“I played here last year at some event (Sunburn Festival) and you could really feel how it has evolved musically in terms of people’s understanding towards new music and different genres. It is really gonna explode music with the insane amount of passion in future,” he said.
On collaboration with Indian musician, Mark was open to ideas and said: “Never say never.”
For 2015, the artist is focusing on underground records and also has plans to write an album in 2016.