When hair show got tech-savvy with a selfie touch

New Delhi, Jan 29 (IANS) The selfie bug crawled onto the stage of a hair show here on Thursday when internationally-renowned celebrity hair designer Klaus Peter Ochs presented his latest hair collection #selfie #kpOchs with models going on a selfie clicking spree as they sashayed down the ramp.A

It was time to go clicking as soon as the energetic music was plugged in with models starting a virtual affair and showcasing trending hairstyles from across the globe. The show was presented by Intercoiffure Mondial India and co-sponsored by Wella Professionals and Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic.
The word aselfie’ at the hair show, held at Aqua, The Park in the national capital, was synonymous to the increasing dependence on and importance of technology, and turned the cellphone into a mirror to reflect the changing hairstyle and fashion trends across the world.
Spontaneous, quirky and full of funkiness are some words to describe the show with models strutting in different hairstyles — curly updos with soft red and blond extensions, neo glam rock styles, unkempt look, Agraphically bobs with side cuts and colour effects or tousled and wild curly updos. Colours like pink, blue and red gave an edgy twist to hairstyles.
In contrast, men were sporting hairstyles inspired from rock era. The outfits also went with the theme that revolved around being edgy and laid bold fashion statement with leather skirts, prints and crop tops completing the look.
The models would take selfies during the course of the show which were being shown on the screen on the stage.
Sharing the idea behind the name, Ochs, who is also World President of Intercoiffure Mondial, told IANS: “It is a live show and it is a mirror of what is going on here and in the world”.
“This little thing (pointing at a smartphone) is middle of our life today and selfie has brought a revolution in our lifestyle worldwide. Be it China, Tokyo, New York or Frankfurt, everywhere everyone is working on a smartphone and it somehow makes us one,” said Ochs, adding that the show tells how a smartphone changed “our life and is promoting fashion”.
The show highlighted the changing approach of young generation towards hair-styling and dressing. It portrayed the current lifestyle of the young generation and how is it inspirational to fashion.
After a glimpse into the hair trend book from around the globe. It was time for some live session. Along with two international artists – Aline Jakoby and Philiip Margraf, Ochs picked up his tools to show some tricks on the stage as they brought forward some of the current fashion trends — a simple ponytail got a stylish twist with a addition of blonde extensions, and a fun live hair cutting session.A
The show was choreographed by Elmarie Lignier.
Talking about the show, Blossom Kochhar, president of Intercoiffure Mondial, India, also shared that “this is just the beginning (in India) and we intend to grow…there is a lot in kitty for this year”.
Ochs’ collection has gone on a foreign tour as it has been showcased on leading fashion platforms of the world including Rome, Paris and South America.
Ochs also shared that he feels that the show will help in “promoting the branda in India, and will help in establishing base, as he noted that they will be organizing an Intercoiffure World Congress in Shanghai this year.