Vir Das ready to look ahead of humour

Pune, Dec 27 (IANS) Actor Vir Das, who has carved a place for himself in Bollywood with his unique brand of comedy, has been trying to come out of the genre through some of his films like “Revolver Rani” and “Delhi Belly”. Now the actor feels that he has succeeded in the mission.

“With regards to Bollywood, I’m a newcomer and I’m climbing the ladder each year, so I think you start out doing whatever is coming your way and then you slowly graduate to things that you want to do.
“Certain films were game changers for me like ‘Go Goa Gone’, ‘Revolver Rani’ despite how they fared at the box office, it kind of got me out of comedy,” the actor told IANS in a group interview.
Sticking to the plan, the actor is ready with a slew of films where he ventures into unexplored areas.
“There are four-five releases this year. There’s one drama, one action film, one sex-com, and I’m also playing a villain in one film,” Vir said.
Moving on from acting, Vir also plans to debut as a writer and release more videos of his band Alien Chutney in 2015.
“In 2015, I plan to release one Alien Chutney video every month. I have two book deals as well so I’m also going to start writing my book.
“My publishers have been waiting for five years for me to start writing. I don’t know what it’s going to be about but I want it to be something that you can read in the bathroom. It will not be my biography but something in fiction,” he said.
Vir, who performed at the Enchanted Valley Carnival with his band recently, says the band acts like a stress buster for him.
“Alien Chutney is just stupid fun. To me its like going to the gym, where you take out all the frustration, dance and have a good time,” he said.
“Manboob”, “Manmohan rhapsody” and “Ab ki baar” are some of the popular tracks of the band.