TV stars to celebrate New Year with friends, family

Mumbai, Dec 29 (IANS) What are your plans on New Year’s Eve? TV celebrities say they will celebrate it with their family and friends and will go to temple to seek blessings of god for a better 2015.

Here’s what some of the TV stars have planned for New Year’s Eve and how they intend to welcome 2015:
Tina Dutta: I will celebrate 2015 with my family. I visit a temple every year and pray that the new year should be a good one for me. I will decorate my house and temple and will visit town side to feed poor people.

Gaurav S. Bajaj: I am going to spend New Year with my wife and friends in Mumbai itself. This is my first time with my partner. I am blessed to have her by my side. We have planned some surprises for each other but we haven’t disclosed it to each other yet. I am standing with my arms wide open to welcome the beautiful and joyful 2015. On every Jan 1, I make sure I visit a temple and a Gurudwara.

Ankur Verma: I want to go to Shirdi Dec 31 and I wish to go to temple when I’ll enter 2015. I will be going there with my friends.

Shashank Vyas: For the first time I’ll be celebrating New Year in Goa. Let’s see how’s it unfolds. On Jan 1, it’s my mother’s birthday, so I’ll donate different products to needy people and have dinner with my father.

Saurabh Raaj Jain: I always celebrate New Year with family. Most probably it will be in Mumbai only. On Jan 1, I will wish my friends and will take blessings from my mother.

Puneet Sachdev: I intend to celebrate New Year with my loved ones. I don’t like crowded places. So I’ll party with my wife and few close friends. I believe in god but I don’t visit temples or churches. I don’t believe you will get your wishes fulfilled if you visit a temple or church. So, I might do a good deed on the first day of 2015 by helping someone.

Sachin Parikh: I’m going to welcome 2015 full of zest. I’ll pray for my parents, my wife and daughter, my career and all those near and dear ones. My New Year’s Eve will be a private party at home with friends.

Vivek Mishra: New Year means a new beginning! I intend to start fresh with no regrets and no hard feelings! My first day of 2015 would be incomplete if I don’t bring a smile on people’s faces and also make all my close ones happy!

Vivian Dsena: I’ll be celebrating New Year in Goa with wife Vahbiz and a few friends. I don’t visit temples. I will take blessings from parents, Jan 1 as they are like God to me.

Vahbiz Dorabjee: I’ll be in Goa on New Year’s Eve. So I am sure I’ll be snoozing after a long night on Dec 31. But I always make the first call to my parents and take their blessings.
Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra: I don’t have plans for New Year yet as I’m busy with marriage preparations. I have a lot to finish since it’s less than a month left now . Hence will make the plans as it comes ! On Jan 1, I’ll try and go to Siddhivinayak temple and seek Ganpati Bappa’s blessings to start a new year and since I’ll be venturing into a new phase of life so more of his blessings are needed!

Jay Soni: Its my first New Year’s Eve after marriage, so I’ll go to temple for blessings, then start my day with lots of positivity and goals to achieve. I’m really excited for 2015 as I’ll be travelling to Goa, Jan 5.