‘Trumbo’ to release in India on February 12

New Delhi, Feb 4 (IANS) Oscar-nominated film “Trumbo”, which chronicles the life of a blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, will hit theatres in India on February 12.

PVR Pictures, which is releasing the movie in the country, announced the date in a statement here.
Actor Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” fame is bringing Oscar-winner screenwriter Trumbo’s life on the silver screen. Cranston has been nominated in the Actor in a Leading Role category in the upcoming 88th Academy Awards for the film.
Based on the biography by Bruce Cook, the film also touches upon issues regarding political freedom, censorship and civil liberties.
“Trumbo” is directed by Jay Roach, known for “Austin Powers” and “Meet the Parents”.
The film explores how Trumbo’s successful career came to a crushing end when he along with other Hollywood figures were blacklisted for their political beliefs. It tells the story of Trumbo’s fight against the US government and studio bosses in a war over words and freedom.
The film also stars Helen Mirren, Diane Lane and John Goodman.