‘Suits’ actors support fans ahead of Indian screening

Mumbai, Jan 27 (IANS) As the exclusive screening of an episode of American legal drama TV series “Suits” 12 draws close, lead actors Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams have joined in to support their fans in India.

Macht and Adams tweeted to their Indian fans, urging them to participate in @ComedyCentralIn’s contest.
“#India! Are you excited to catch #SuitsOnCC on January 27th? @ComedyCentralin will tell you how!” Adams posted on Twitter.
“#India! Want to watch #SuitsOnCC on January 27th? @ComedyCentralin has a contest for you, running now! Tell me who do YOU think rat Mike out?” Macht wrote.
Breaking its mid-season hiatus with a special Indian premiere, Comedy Central channel will host an exclusive screening of an episode of the American legal drama television series on Wednesday here – 12 hours before it hits the television space internationally.
The screening of the first episode from season five post the mid-season break is scheduled to take place at Tilt All Day here for a limited audience, read a statement.
The season of the show, which brings the fast-paced world of a Manhattan corporate law firm to television, will beam on the channel from January 31.
The story starts when senior associate Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) makes a risky move by hiring Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) a brilliant but unmotivated college dropout, as his associate.