Pakistani films get very little exposure in India: ‘Arth 2’ actor

New Delhi, Feb 3 (IANS) Mohib Mirza, who is playing a key role in the Pakistani remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 Bollywood movie “Arth”, feels India does not give enough exposure to films from his country. The Pakistani actor feels it is important for both countries to streamline the exchange of storytelling.

“Mujhe thoda feel hota hai Pakistani film industry ya Pakistani TV ke hawaale se ki India ko hamaari cheezon ko thoda chalne dena chahiye (I feel that India should let Pakistani films and TV shows to run),” Mohib told IANS in a telephonic interview from Karachi.
He believes the Indian media is rigid in promoting Pakistan’s films and entertainment industry.
“Wo haathon haath nahi lete hamare films ko (They don’t take our films willingly). I feel that one should mutually exchange storytelling. Our films get very less exposure in India, while on the other hand, we give exposure to their films so much,” added the 36-year-old, whose parents belong to Lucknow in India, but his father had shifted to Pakistan during his childhood.
Stressing that streamlining a process for smooth exchange of films is vital for both countries, Mohib said: “Indian media does promote our films, but it’s not consistent. We are equally talented and we have all means to produce and achieve things.
“Yes, the entertainment industry of India is very big and there is a lot of investment when it comes to making Indian films… We don’t have that much money as internationally we don’t get that much of trust, but in reality, we are equally talented,” said the actor.
Mohib, who was recognised for his talent in 2009 in Kent, Britain at the International Filmmaker Festival for the film “Inshah-Allah”, is currently working on “Arth” remake, directed by Shaan Shahid.
However, the actor hadn’t ever seen the original film before he started working on the project.
“I never saw ‘Arth’ until Shaan told me to watch it. As far as I know, the film was not commercially successful at the time of the release, but later went on to become one of the cult films,” Mohib said, adding that the remake will be done with a new interpretaion.
Watching “Arth” made Mohib appreciate how Mahesh Bhatt’s films have their “own identity”.
“There is some unique style about his filmmaking, which is interesting. He focusses more on relationships and especially love, and that for me is very intense. He depicts things in a beautiful manner,” said the actor, who will also be seen in another film “Bachaana”, which depicts the story of a Pakistani boy and an Indian girl.
Talking more about “Bachaana”, which stars Sanam Saeed as the Indian girl, Mohib said: “It’s a very simple and a light-hearted romantic comedy with a dash of action.”
Is Bollywood on the cards then?
“I think acting has no boundaries, like music. If I get some nice opportunity and if I feel it’s worth doing, I will take it up.”
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