Yoga has changed my life: Govinda

Mumbai, Nov 9 (Inditop) Having made a career out of comic roles, Govinda now wants to switch to action. He is really working hard on his physique and has got himself a martial arts and physical trainer.
“I’ve done action films in the past like ‘Hatya’ and ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’. But they weren’t full-on actioners. I now want to do an action film with stunts of an international calibre. I don’t want to just plunge into it without beingfully prepared. I’ve already lost a lot of weight. But it isn’t enough. I want to lose some more,” said Govinda.

The actor recently discovered yoga and he says it has changed his lifestyle completely.

He said: “Yoga has changed my life. No matter what my schedule, I’ve to do yoga every morning. I feel the difference within me. It’s not about just losing weight. I lost a lot of weight earlier this year when I was shooting in Bangkok with Suniel Shetty for ‘Loot’. No, yoga is about self-discipline, about toning the body. I feel myself losing inches around my waist. I fill fitter. I can get into tight clothes without cringing.”

So what is his fitness target?

“To look as healthy, handsome and fit as Dharam-ji (Dharmendra) did in his heydays. He has always been my role model. And now when I look at myself in the mirror I see glimpses of him in myself. That makes me feel really good,” the actor said.

“I might soon get together with David Dhawan to make ‘Handsome No.1’,” he laughed.