SRK Working On His Autobiography; Progress Very Slow

The King Khan of Bollywood had declared to the media and his fans that he is working on his autobiography. But since the declaration it had been a long time and there was no update on that front. Hence a fan of Shah Rukh tweeted the actor asking about the Autobiography that he was reported to be working on. Shah Rukh gave a reply to this saying that writing an autobiography is a very slow and long process and one has to “Give your heart out.”


A social media user on Twitter during a live chat asked the actor, “How is writing of your book going on? How does it feel to write the heart out?” to which the actor replied, “A very-very long process and slow…giving your heart out takes a bit of time.”

Shah Rukh Khan has slotted the release date for his next movie Dilwale for 18th of December so that it falls in line for the Christmas and New Year holidays where people can go and enjoy the movie in the theatres. The movie has brought back Shah Rukh and Kajol back together on the Silver screen after 5 long years. The movie features several other stars and is directed by Rohit Shetty, the director of Chennai Express in which Deepika Padukone had starred opposite SRK.


Some people asked Shah Rukh what kind of a movie Dilwale is, to which re replies that the movie is “fast and furious and funny and an amazing fare for the whole family with loads of comedy and action”. Apparently people were not really much satisfied with these questions and they slowly kept drifting towards some really hot topics like Shah Rukh – Salman relation. Recently both the actors have patched things up quite a lot and that has a lot of people very curious as to what exactly is bubbling around in that world.

One user asked SRK, “Varun played a role of your younger brother… do you ever wish to have a brother in real life? #AskSRK”, to which the actor replied, “My two boys are now like my friends and brothers and everything so I am ok. And there is always Bhaijaan.”

If not anything else, this last part surely gave away that things are all hunky dory with both the Bollywood superstars. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan was releases earlier this year is from where Shah Rukh Khan had picked up the reference. Pretty sure a lot of SRK and Sallu Bhai fans must have become really happy knowing this part.