Salman Khan To Star In Sultan With Randeep Hooda As His Coach

Salman Khan will be starring in a new Ali Abbas Zafar film “Sultan”. The movie is based on the life of a wrestler and Salman Khan is the wrestler in play. Interestingly, Randeep Hooda is going to play the role of Salman’s coach in the movie.


The Highway actor had previously worked with Salman in Kick where they both gelled pretty well and it was Salman Khan who suggested his name to director Ali Abbas Zafar for this movie. Both Salman and Randeep have become very good friends and they are very comfortable on screen. The role of a coach needed a tall hunky guy to train in the art of wrestling and no one else seemed like a good fit to Salman and hence he suggested Randeep’s name to the director.

Randeep was then approached for the character and he readily accepted it as well. The big hunky guy Randeep has most of the times been running around playing dark roles in movies and this will be a good break for him to play a good guy for a change.

The well-built Randeep has apparently lost about 20 kilos of his body for his role in Sarabjit and will now again have to take up the task of gaining all that weight for his role in Sultan. Apart from that Randeep is also going to work on his wrestling skills by undergoing training for his character.

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It will be an interesting film with a lot of muscle power on showcase but it is surely going to be a real treat for all the Salman fans in 2016. The movie is yet to go on the floor but it is still missing its lead female for whom both Salman and the director are in the hunt.

This should be an interesting phase since Salman is being signed for a movie here while his case is running in court where he stands a chance of being convicted and being sent to prison. But all that aside, nothing is going to work out until they have the complete cast ready to get the ball rolling on this one.

In other interesting news, the release of the movie Sultan is set for Eid in 2016 and apparently it is the same time Shah Rukh Khan starring Raees is set to release. So we are going to have a proper Shah Rukh vs Salman head to head clash on our hands on Eid next year. So it is time to get our popcorn ready for that time.